Proven Approach to Data Security

The foundation of @Backgrounds' approach to security is underpinned by three critical pillars: Software, Hardware and Best Practices. By focusing security attention on these three elements and aligning them in a synergistic layered manner, @Backgrounds is on the forefront of data security so clients and applicants feel confident their data is protected at all times.

SaaS - Software as a Service

With @Backgrounds, you are always up to date on screening technology with zero software investment on your side. No per-seat charges, no upgrade charges, no minimums, no installation or maintenance hassles. Just log in to our secure web based system and get your work done.

  • Enterprise grade application framework for virtually unlimited capacity and reliability
  • High security protocols & encryption (128 bit SSL/TLS)
  • Data at rest and in transit is encrypted
  • Audit logging - Accountability
  • Client controlled access (Multi-Factor Authentication) for maximum protection
  • Audited penetration testing

Physical Security of your Data

@Backgrounds back-end screening systems and backups are housed within highly-secure data centers with multiple layers of physical security, tightly controlled access and redundant power supplies.

  • Redundant systems & backups
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion detection

Trained and Experienced Professionals

Your data is safe from unauthorized use, theft or inadvertent loss with @Backgrounds. The @Backgrounds' team Best Practices are a result of many years' experience not just with employment screening, but also with the highly-secure data systems and rigorous procedures required when dealing with sensitive personal information.

  • Third-party security certification
  • Staff training
  • Security oriented policies and procedures

Pre-Integrated with Major Applicant Tracking Systems

@Backgrounds supports XML and other communication standards so Applicant Tracking Systems can quickly integrate to order and retrieve background checks. Integrated clients request and receive background check search results via XML into their own proprietary applications. In fact, @Backgrounds systems are pre-integrated with the most popular Applicant Tracking and Property Management Systems (ATS), making an enterprise transition to @Backgrounds fast and simple. Ask us for a list of pre-integrated ATS systems.

@Backgrounds Corporate Headquarters

27720 Jefferson Avenue #130, Temecula, CA 92590
Phone: 855-776-7524