Comprehensive Suite of Employment Screening Services

@Backgrounds' vast electronic and human-powered research network and our experienced U.S.-based verifiers ensure no stone is left unturned. Any record found as a result of a database product search is verified at the source records' repository, i.e.: County courthouse.

If there's relevant information in the public record, we will find it and report it back to you in accordance with FCRA requirements as well as your organization's customized business rules. We'll also take care of FCRA notifications and applicant disputes so you can get on with running your business. @Backgrounds employment screening services Include:

•    Criminal records
•    Education and Employment History Verification
•    References
•    Professional Licenses
•    Driver Records
•    Compliance Searches - OFAC, OIG, GSA EPLS
•    Credit Reports
•    Electronic form I-9 and E-Verify

@Backgrounds Corporate Headquarters

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