Broad Experience Benefits Clients

@Backgrounds was founded by a talented team of Human Resources, Staffing and Employment Screening industry veterans with more than 30 years’ experience mitigating employment risk for small, medium and enterprise employers across the United States and Internationally.

The @Backgrounds team's experience includes working through the screening industry’s early days and managing the dramatic changes brought on by technological advances and pro-consumer legislative developments.

@Backgrounds is a member of National Association of Professional Background Screeners - NAPBS and adheres to the association's best practices guidelines both in process and in spirit.

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@Backgrounds executives have broad experience implementing and managing complex screening programs for multi-location employers with national/international footprints, publicly-traded companies, regional concerns, local businesses, educational institutions and government employers of varied sizes.

@Backgrounds consultative discovery approach identifies not just the basic screening needs of every client but also any opportunities for improvement, and delivers a plan of action to maximize compliance, process efficiency and value.

Our Purpose is Simple

To simplify the screening process for applicants and employers. We will consistently deliver the best in technology, value, compliance and service. Our core values: Respect, diligence and accuracy.

Privacy Policy Purpose and Scope

@Backgrounds is a dba of G&M Hire Enterprises, LLC, a California Corporation based in Temecula, CA. @Backgrounds is engaged primarily in the business of providing background checks and drug testing (also known as Consumer Reports) to employers, volunteer organizations and landlords for purposes of due diligence in employment, volunteer vetting and  tenancy (permissible purposes). @Backgrounds receives Consumer Report requests from authorized clients with a permissible purpose and processes these requests only with the express written permission of the individual subject of the report.

@Backgrounds uses information provided by the applicant along with information developed through a search of private, local, state and federal records sources to compile a consumer report and delivers these reports to clients in strict compliance with FCRA requirements.

Consumer information is not used for any purpose other than that for which we have been authorized by the applicant and is not shared with anyone aside from the applicant and the client who requested the report. Consumer information gathered as a result of our business processes is not used for marketing purposes, mail lists or any other purpose. In simple terms, your data is safe with @Backgrounds and we do not do anything untoward with it.

Website Privacy

Required California Do-Not-Track Disclosures: The @Backgrounds website, , does not respond to browser “do not track” signals. Third parties do not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) through the @Backgrounds site. @Backgrounds utilizes Google Analytics, which collects information anonymously and reports website trends to without identifying individual visitors’ PII.

As part of our regular business process, @Backgrounds receives Personally Identifiable information provided directly by employment or tenancy applicants or by our clients to carry out background checks. This information is collected through the secure @Backgrounds system for processing. The information is used solely to process client requests and is not provided to third parties for any purpose. PII provided to @Backgrounds is held in secure encrypted servers and data does not leave the United States, with the exception of instances where an international verification requires the sending of the limited PII required to process an international request. For example, an education verification in India will require us to send applicant name, roll number and educational institution attended to our international researcher.

Information collected through the @Backgrounds website may include: Name, Social Security Number, Address History, Employment History, Education History, Criminal Records, Driver Records, Professional Licensure Information, Personal References, and credit history. PII is retained for a minimum of 6 years to ensure compliance with FCRA and state consumer records retention requirements. Consumers are free to not provide @Backgrounds any PII.

Changes to Privacy Policy
@Backgrounds clients are notified of significant changes to this privacy policy. See below for most recent update date.

Privacy Officer
M. Rangel
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Last updated: 7/15/2015

Terms and Conditions of Use

End users must agree to all of the following Terms and Conditions in order to use @Backgrounds’ web-based screening software and services, including services accessed through (The Site). By accessing and using The Site, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of use.

@Backgrounds, a dba of G&M Hire Enterprises, LLC, provides access to candidate screening software and services to end users which may include employers, landlords and volunteer organizations so long as there is a permissible purpose as defined in 15 U.S. Code § 1681b - Permissible purposes of consumer reports and only with the written consent of the candidate. End user also agrees to certify and state the permissible purposes for which the information is sought, and certify the information will be used for no other purpose each time a report is ordered. It is the responsibility of the end user to obtain written consent form every candidate prior to ordering a consumer report.

FCRA Compliance
I hereby agree to comply with the provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S. Code § 16810) and to only request consumer report information for the sole purpose of determining my prospective candidate's employment or credit worthiness and identity. I agree I will receive from the candidate their signed consent and I understand that I must keep it on file for a period of no shorter than 6 years. I shall hold in the strictest confidence all information received and will abide by the Access Security Requirements.

FCRA Guidelines
Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA - 15 U.S.C. 1681 ET SEQ) - Although the FCRA primarily regulates the operations of consumer credit report agencies, it also affects you as the user of information. We suggest you and your employees become familiar with the following sections in particular:
§604. Permissible Purposes of Reports
§615. Conditions of Disclosures to Consumers
§616. Requirements on Users of Consumer Reports
§617. Civil Liability for Willful Noncompliance
§619. Civil Liability for Negligent Noncompliance
§620. Obtaining Information under False Pretenses
§623. Unauthorized Disclosures by Officer or Employee

State Guidelines
Some States have specific disclaimer and disclosure guidelines that must be followed. You agree to follow any state guidelines specific to your situation.

As Is – No Warranty
I understand information supplied by The Site's is provided "as is" "where is" and @Backgrounds makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the merchantability, fitness for a particular use or purpose, title, non-infringement or any other warranty, condition, guaranty, or representation, whether oral, in writing, or in electronic form, including but not limited to the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any information contained herein or provided by The Site. I understand records and other information obtained through The Site are compiled from public records sources, including but not limited to state, local, and federal government records repositories and may not be 100% complete or accurate.

I agree if I have provided The Site with credit card or billing information, that by submitting an order online through I am authorizing charges to that credit card or to my account. I understand charges are non-refundable. Further, I understand I am paying @Backgrounds to perform a search on an individual, based on information I provide. I agree to pay for reports ordered based on my queries even if no records are found, or if I enter incorrect information.

Refund Policy
I understand and agree once an order is placed through The Site, there are no refunds.

I agree to indemnity and hold harmless @Backgrounds and its officers, directors and employees for any claim for damages resulting from information derived from searches I performed on The Site. I agree @Backgrounds is not liable for any monetary damages resulting from information derived from searches on The Site. I understand @Backgrounds data comes from public records, and that @Backgrounds cannot guarantee all information is completely up-to-date. Each jurisdiction provides updated information at different intervals (monthly, quarterly, etc.), and some jurisdictions do not provide updated information or do not provide information about all types of offenses. I also understand many factors affect what shows up in a criminal records search. For example: a) only convictions show up in @Backgrounds’ searches (not arrests), b) a criminal record may have been expunged or sealed but the record not updated, c) a criminal offense may have been filed under a different name or date of birth, d) errors are sometimes made by the jurisdiction in recording or reporting information.

I understand and agree that my use of The Site is entirely at my sole risk. @Backgrounds will not be responsible to me or any third parties for any direct or indirect, consequential, special, or punitive damages or losses I may incur in connection with its system, my use thereof, or any of the data or other materials transmitted through or residing on its system, regardless of the type of claim or the nature of the cause of action, even if @Backgrounds has advised of the possibility of such damage or loss.

Prohibited Uses
I certify I am not using this information for a bail bond company, credit repair company (including credit counseling and credit clinics), investigative company (including private investigators and detective agencies), attorney or paralegal firm, news agency or journalist, law enforcement personnel, dating service, asset location service; I have never been involved in and further agree never to use the information on this website to commit credit fraud, identity theft or other unethical business practices; and that the business operation for which this application is being made is one that is within both federal laws and the laws of the state in which I reside. I understand it is my personal responsibility to know these laws and any changes made to them. I further agree not to resell the information or transmit to any third parties except the subject of the report.

@Backgrounds Corporate Headquarters

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